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Premier's Reading Challenge * translated into 6 foreign languages * prescribed text in some schools

6 book resource library to

guide students, engage parents, support teachers & inspire tomorrow's leaders
Environmental Titles: the topics
1. Weather, global warming & Climate Change - how does it work?
2. Clean Power: Renewable energy v Fossil fuels
3. Water use, misuse & management
4. Waste, recycling, reduction & Re-use
5. Sewage - where does it all go? Life Cycles
6. Worms - A history of the recycling world
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    Environmental Talks or Workshops: for lower and middle school
Invite the Author to present to your students.
    "Exciting and engaging, the children were very inspired by these sessions. I would highly recommend Caren either for an author visit with a difference or to tie in with some curriculum work perhaps in science." Librarian , Downsend School, Surrey
we can solve these problems - it doesn't cost the Earth to save it
It's about YOU - Respect your PLANET- love your HOME
Come on, there's a world to SAVE
"Narrative non-fiction at it's best.
Classics that teach without you even noticing."
Meet Muzbar & explore global and local views on climate change


Watch Weather-pod & discover how weather works

Great gifts & invaluable topical environmental resources for
students, teachers, family, friends, educators

& anyone interested in current environmental issues

Social Titles
1. The Doggy Dog Dog Detective Agency: The Case of Green Ham
2. The Case of the Disappearing Ducks - out soon
tackling social issues in a humourous, engaging manner.
'A riotous roller coaster ride that leaves you wanting more.'
Comedy, action adventure.
Adorable, scatter-brain Kody, bounces through a life full of fantasies, until his nose tells him that something rotten is going on at the Nursing Home where he visits his human friends
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All books can be found at Schools, Councils, Environmental Associations, Education Resource Centres, National Parks, Libraries, Waste & Water Associations.

Dedicated to the Environmental & Social Heroes helping to make our planet a better world.
"Your books are absolutely fantastic! I have been trialing them ...
the teachers love them and I think they should be in all the schools on Earth"
Molly Harriss-Olson, Director EcoFutures
POW! Meet the Renewables shortlisted for 2009 Environmental Literature Award:
Available in
Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, S. Korea, USA, Canada, Channel Isles, Thailand, Indonesia, China
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