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  • Poo
  • Water
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It's NOT a load of Rubbish

Is our future being wasted? Pollution is accelerating, climate change is threatening and we live in a world where we want everything… now. What is all this doing to our planet?

The answer could be the greatest challenge of our time.

Meet the gang who’ve dug deep and are ready to come clean with the biggest scoop of the century.

World-wide Waste invites audiences to look at the huge waste issues around this planet and to become an Environmental Hero, intent on finding solutions.

Blending fascinating factoids, wicked humour and bright illustrations, this book is both educational and fun.


  • Time to come clean
  • Recycling 101
  • Early Droppings
  • The Big Stink
  • Holes and Landfill, Rubbish or Treasure?
  • There’s no such place as Away
  • Who shrank the planet?
  • Are you a super poo-looter?
  • Cooking the planet
  • Fuelling the Weather
  • Shrink your eco-footprint
  • How much do you really need?
  • Recycle, recover, Rethink, re-use
  • Future Perfect
  • Give waste a second chance