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Worm your Way through Recycling & History

Take a journey through time and follow the Recycling history of the world as told by Wilbur Worm.

Worms are expert recyclers. After all, they've been doing it since the days of the dinosaurs. Even back then, they spent many hours eating their way through giant, steamy dung heaps; turning them into food for plants - organic recycling.

Sounds simple doesn't it? But the history of the worm has not always been easy.

Check out how worms have survived through the Ages to  claim their rightful place among us, as Nature's recyclers... 


Nature's Recyclers
Making the World go around
Humble Worm Facts
Worm Health
Worms through the Ages
The downfall of the  Worm
Chemical Age
Where have all the Worms gone?
Darwin's discovery
 Why are worms  important?
Worm Farms for Worms
Helping the Worm