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Apr 14 Light Up Cities with Trees that glow in the dark
  Streets in the world's greener cities could soon be bathed in blue and trees could glow in the dark, a report into the future of urban areas has predicted. No need for lamp-posts? That hedge along the motorway’s central reservation makes night driving easier.
Buildings and parks could be sprayed with light-absorbing dust which would improve safety in the darker corners and urban farms could be grown on the side of tower blocks. With the population continuing to groww and expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, such moves could reduce our carbon footprint according to design consultants, Arup.
Apr 14 Become a veggie and save the world
  We'll have to stop eating meat and cheese if there is to be any hope of keeping global warming to a safe level, warns a report in the CLimate Change Journal. Farm animals account for 14.5 per cent of human-caused ghg emissons, with just one cow releasing 400 litres (88 gallons) of methane a day. METRO UK
Mar 14

Eat your Recycling

  Plastic waste is the scourge of modern life. But imagine if instead of having to RECYCLE bottles, you could EAT them! That's the dream of 3 design studnets at the Royal College of Art, who want to replace water bottles with 'water blobbles'.
Named the Ooho! the product is inspired by an egg yolk, which uses a thin membrane to keep its runny contents in place. Drinking water is carried in an edible, jelly-like substance extracted from seaweed. METRO UK
Nov 09 The Carbon Monster
  There are better ways of teaching environmental education.
Environmental Education can be serious but also can be empowering, enlightening and fun.

The current barrage of HEADLINES on Climate Change, Deforestation, Global Warming, Severe Weather, Droughts, Famines, (you get the picture) are having a powerfully negative effect on our kids & students.
When asked how they feel about the state of their planet, they are scared, angry at their parents, despondent. There is a real feeling of helplessness and denial amongst our school-age kids.
It is so important to present positive steps and empower change. Students are ever so willing to fight for a cause they believe in. Empowerment rather than fear is greeted with far more enthusiasm. Each year I present to 1000s of students and help them to realise how our unique abilities give us all the power to make a difference and help protect our planet. You can do this too.

We can all encourage our students and children and help them to understand sustainability and the importance of 'development that satisfies the needs of the present time without jeopardising the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs," without resorting to scare tactics.

Posters created by International School of Copenhagen for the COP 15 Summit. Nov 09