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One person can't change the planet, but we can all improve our own environment.

Every day reports and images surround us, showing how the planet is being affected by climate change, pollution, waste, deforestation and water scarcity.

The Earth has been around for billions of years. Humans have only been around for the shortest time in comparison, but we've had an enormous impact. 

These books, posters and resources help eco-kids, students, teachers, parents, in fact everyone, understand the impact we are having on our resources, and what we can do to make a difference and help our planet.

                                                                  "Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi


Caren Trafford

Author & Publisher


Head of Marketing

Kody Dog Detective

Number One Dog Detective began 15 years ago after environmental educator, Caren Trafford became passionate about worms. 

Armed with a Masters of Environmental Studies, a slab of enthusiasm and a bucketful of curiosity, she found herself working for the largest worm farm in the world. (Bigger than a soccer field!) Her mission was to uncover the truth about vermicast or worm POO and discover if it might be viable as a soil conditioner.

What a challenge! She was highly skeptical. Could vermicast really make such a difference to plant growth and health, crop yield and soil vitality? Did worms perhaps know something about the soil that science had not discovered?

The outcome is a fine story and includes being part of the winning team for a Eureka Science prize for Industry and being invited to the World Bank to discuss worms, but the short version is that Caren created a series of books, posters & resources to explore and explain today's environmental issues and solutions.

Using narrative non-fiction, the 6 book series has been designed to excite children, appeal to students' interest, develop eco-literacy, help lesson planning for teachers and amuse adults. The set is available as the "Environmental Education... Serious Fun" library.

Each year, Caren also speaks to 1000s of school students from Kindergarten to age 15 on how everyone can make a positive difference and help our planet. Her lectures, workshops & presentations are fun, interactive, use global & local examples and leave students charged with enthusiasm and with much food for thought.

The books and posters are sold world-wide in book stores, on-line and at environmental outlets such as museums, zoos and botanical gardens.

One of the major players in the book series.

On a mission from Mars, Muzbar is here to help show everyone how to look after our precious planet.

Full of good ideas, Muzbar knows everyone and will introduce you to all the quirky characters in the book series.

Come on in... and join the quest to save our planet.

In 2011, the first of a new series of books The Doggy Dog Dog Detective Agency, was born.

Based on true life scenarios, these quirky detective stories alert kids to the social issues of modern day living.


Kody is a Therapy dog and loves his weekly visits to the local Nursing Home. The first book in the series highlights the importance of the role Therapy animals play in our modern day environment.

The quirky characters of this latest series will leap into the hearts of young and old everywhere.


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