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Meet the Renewables

The story of ENERGY... what is it all about? 
Meet the Renewables is an energetic expose on the state of our Energy today. 

Fossil fuels provide 80% of energy globally and they 're being consumed as fast as they can be produced. Is it any wonder that they are running out? To make things worse, pollution and Greenhouse Gas emissions are rising.
Our planet is in peril and it needs your help.

What’s the answer? Meet the Renewables! They're clean, mean and ever-ready to shine.

Why are fossil fuels so popular? 
How does Renewable Energy work? 
What is renewable energy? Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass and Hydro-power. 
How can we use less energy and help clean up the world act? 
Muzbar, Poo-looter and the Renewables join forces to bring you the story of Energy and show you how to make cleaner Energy part of our planet's future.


A fun read that’s packed full of fascinating facts.

Adele Franklin – Librarian

The books are great because you get the facts without the kiddy-talk. You learn the fun way’                                                               Ella S, Year 9 Student


Energy - where does it come from?

Power up the Sun

How much can you use?

Power plants

Coal, Oil, Gas

Electricity explained

Power-station workings

Fossil Fuels

Non-renewable Energy

Meet the Renewables

Hydro Power

Marine Power





People Power

Working Together

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