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What is a workshopped recital?
A performance where the audience is invited to give feedback to enable the composer to edit and refine the music before releasing the finished libretto, narrative and score to find it's place on the world stage.


DreamRunners uses the power and magic of music and theatre to tell the universal story of the search for identity, meaning and purpose.
It could be set anywhere. With enchantment that live theatre makes possible, it allows us to join their characters on their journeys of discovery.

In DreamRunners, the future of the world hangs in the balance.
A Romeo and Juliet saga unfolds as our young heroes flee from their fathers and the lives that are mapped out for them. Can they escape their past and build a brighter future?

Told through 29 original songs the music will take you on a roller coaster discovery from drama to humour, suspense and sheer joy, interwoven with the magic of love and fantasy.

You will certainly leave humming.

DreamRunners: the new exciting musical theatre production was performed at the Rebel Theatre in Walsh Bay, Sydney over two nights in April 2023.
Audiences were captivated by the show's thrilling narrative and powerful musical numbers, selling out both nights! 
Featuring an all-star cast of professional performers, DreamRunners is an unmissable theatrical experience.

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