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Where can I buy these great books?

Environmental Heroes Needed.      


At we are passionately committed to the importance of environmental education.

All the characters that come to life through these researched and detailed books, posters and resource materials will inspire up-and-coming environmental heroes around the world: after all, they are our leaders of tomorrow. 

Perfect for 6-13 year olds, schools, families and friends in many countries are already enjoying these books and sharing their information, ideas and answers with the special people around them. We look forward to now sharing these inspiring publications with you.

Give the gift of knowledge. Order these fun, educational and rewarding titles.

We are sure that you will enjoy the books, posters and resource materials and we believe that after reading these books, this planet will never seem quite the same to you again.

Books, posters available:




Australia wholesale distribution    


U.K wholesale distribution   

S. Korea        Contact: Hyseom Publishing

Thailand      Contact: Nation Egmont

Indonesia     Contact: Penerbit Erlangga

USA               Contact: Water Environment Federation

China           Contact: Changehun Publishing House order the books

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