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Water... the Amazing Journey

the water cycle explained

Amazing Water! Time to save it.

Water is our most precious resource. It covers more than 70% of our planet. So why is this planet called Earth rather than Water? Read about water and discover all the ways that you can help to save it. The Water Cycle, recycling, water management, re-use and a myriad of other water facts in a humorous, easy to read, brightly illustrated format.

Understand the chemistry of water; its vital place for life and how civilisations have flourished and failed because of it.

Topics include modern and ancient water storage, good management & mis-use, treatment, reticulation and conservation.

In today's climate of drought and extreme weather conditions, water conservsation is necessary to benefit everyone. Let's find out how to help manage water, so that there is enough for the future generations.


What is water?

Why is it important?

Molecules & Composition?

Waterfalls and Oceans

Water and the Weather

The Water Cycle

Importance in History

Irrigation, Civilisation, Qanats , Dams

Hydro Power

Water Wastage


May the Source be with you

Spouts & Slides: Game countless fun facts


‘It's not PLANET EARTH surely? It should be PLANET WATER, Caren has done it again.  The most pellucid, penetrating and panoramic paeon to H20 I have ever seen.  A sopping great triumph...It's brilliant!'    

                                      Robyn Williams AM, Presenter ABC Science Show

'If you thought you knew water then think again. This book guarantees to give you a fun and innovative look at our planet's most plentiful resource. It will immerse you in a sea of facts you never knew existed.'

Jon Dee, Founder of Planet Ark

'The entertaining and amusing narrative style presents large amounts of information in an easily accessible format making this a useful resource for the achievement of outcomes.'

SCAN Feb 2005 Dept of Education NSW

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