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Where Does the POO GO?

POO will always be around.

This fascinating  & delightful book ensures you'll always know where it goes... 
Blending facts, fiction and fun, it is stunningly illustrated.

Trace the incredible history of sewage from the beginning of time - learn how we dealt with sewage in western and eastern cultures... from pits and night soil to fully reticulated sewage systems and biosolids re-use. Sewage holds a special, almost macabre fascination and the management of sewage is a problem in every corner of the planet.

'Being a piece of POO is never easy. If you're not being flushed down the toilet or chucked in the bin you are left to rot in the grass or trampled on.'


Trace the history of Poo – the most natural part of life.

Why was Poo disposed of by the Romans, ignored by the English and coveted by the Chinese? Who invented toilet paper?

  • When was the year of the Great Stink?

  • Do you know what coprolites are?

  • How is sewage disposed of?

  • How many ways can Poo be recycled?

A narrative non-fiction approach is entertaining, educational and humorous, capturing our primal attraction with POO. Perfect for reluctant readers.

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‘We are all aware of that unmentionable topic that every child likes to talk and laugh about, of course! Now for the first time we have a book that can look at the subject academically and lace the non-dinner conversation with discrete humour as well.

The hard cold facts about human waste in time and space as never told before. Funny but not crude, informative but enjoyable.'

'Syd Smith, Chief Education Officer, Environmental Education, Dept of Education NSW

"A refreshing look that spotlights some dark places and everyone's business. This delivers a hard yet delicate topic in a creative, imaginative way."

'Loretta Coombs, Teacher, NSW


‘My miss 7 has come home with this book today from school….What a funny book, and the illustrations…classic 

Opening line...Hello my name is Goobie and I am a big, fresh, knobbly, brown gooey, large, steamy piece of smelly poo..
 For once my girl is reading and not watching the box tonight’

EBAY comment November 2004

"One of the most read books in the library. The kids just love it. They can't help but read it."                 Carolyn Davey, Roseville School, Sydney Librarian

The best Poo book... since Winnie.

And you thought POO was something we didn't talk about... 


  • Nature’s Recycling

  • In the beginning 

  • Clues and Coprolites     

  • Ancient Times, East v West

  • You are what you eat

  • Wash your hands

  • Middle Ages & Plague

  • Evolution of Modern Sewerage Systems

  • What’s Sewage?

  • From your home to Sewerage Treatment Plant, follow the sewerage and see where it goes.

  • Recycling... Your end is a new beginning

  • Board Game– Pipes and Leaks

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