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World-wide Waste's not a Load of Rubbish!

Is our future being wasted? Pollution is accelerating, climate change is threatening and we live in a world where we want everything… now. What is all this doing to our planet?

The answer could be the greatest challenge of our time.

Meet the gang who’ve dug deep and are ready to come clean with the biggest scoop of the century.

World-wide Waste invites audiences to look at the huge waste issues around this planet and to become an Environmental Hero, intent on finding solutions.

Blending fascinating factoids, wicked humour and bright illustrations, this book is both educational and fun.


‘Someone wisely remarked that "Now there is no place called AWAY where we can throw things anymore!" Waste is one of THE most important issues facing everyone. Caren Trafford's book is factually spot on and really fun.

Robyn Williams, AM, ABC Science Show.

‘This is a great book; it helped me understand recycling and the different ways there are to reduce waste. I loved the pictures, they’re mad.’

Olivia Chiu, School Student


What is water?

Why is it important?

Molecules & Composition?

Waterfalls and Oceans

Water and the Weather

The Water Cycle

Importance in History

Irrigation, Civilisation, Qanats , Dams

Hydro Power

Water Wastage


May the Source be with you

Spouts & Slides: Game countless fun facts

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