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Weather or Not... it's a Climate for Change

published in 6 languages.

This is one of the most popular books explaining Weather and Climate Change for kids

Weather is one of the most talked about subjects in the world. Now  you can also join the conversation.

Understanding Climate Change is critical but difficult. This book, designed for those asking the questions, provides knowledge for kids, students, parents, teachers and educators alike.

Who are the Greenhouse Gas Gang? Essential to life on Earth, explore how they got out of balance. Understand why the climate is changing.

Uniquely designed, visually stunning to appeal to different ages and levels of comprehension.

The complex science of weather and climate is reduced so that everyone can better understand the mechanisms that transfer the energy (heat) flows around the planet - El Nino and ocean currents, wind patterns, water cycles and the atmosphere itself.

Free of politics — just facts, insights and solutions.
Your questions answered:

How does weather work? Why are things heating up? Why are the ice caps melting? What are the consequences? How can we make a difference? Why are fossil fuels so popular  and unpopular? Why is there so much concern? What can you do to help?

Global warming has a solution. You can help find it. It’s easier than you think to work together and harness the weather. NOW is the time to make a dent in global warming and NOW is a climate for change.


Weather or's a Climate for Change simplifies the complex  science of weather in a way that makes readers of all ages appreciate what’s happening to our climate and what we can do to help our planet.            

Mike Bailey, Weather presenter and producer, ABC TV

What a lovely, spirited book! Climate for Change is just the right mixture of meltdown and merriment to get planet-savers going. It will help every classroom (and parliament) to be better informed, more motivated and happier at knowing better how to rescue the planet. For once, I've enjoyed a book on climate change!   

Senator Bob Brown, Australian Greens Senator Tasmania

I wish there was a book like this for every subject. Learning would be so much more fun. Caren has explained a complicated topic very clearly. I'll never look at the world quite the same way again.

Maddie C, Student , Sydney, Australia

A complex subject made easily accessible to young people using a special blend of hip humour in words and pictures. This book engages the interest of a readership notoriously difficult to please, but undeniably vital to the future of the planet.               Lee Durrell, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

We all share this wonderful world. Caren weaves her characters around this global issue so beautirfully that you will be blown away! This is a great tool for sustainability education.  Merren Wilkinson, Education Officer, Hydro Tasmania

A real conversation starter. This is Climate Change made understandable for 7- 70 year olds.                        David Bock, Visitor Events, Australian Museum 

Caren Trafford has written another gem – Weather or not, it’s a Climate for Change breaks down complex science starting with weather basics and crescendos, bringing the reader face-to-face with the realities global warming.  Never fear, she doesn’t stop there – engaging with fun characters and graphics, the young and old alike will be empowered with solutions.                                   Lorraine Loken, WEF Senior Manager Public Communications


What is the Weather?

Atmosphere, Gravity, Pressure

The Water Cycle

Oceans, Winds, Jet-streams

What is Climate?

Weather Forecasting

Cloud Seeding

Weather Patterns

Greenhouse Gases

Fossil Fuel

Global Warming

Clean Energy

Renewable Energy

Ozone Hole
What can you do ?

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